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Adopting a Cat/Kitten

There are many great adoptable cats and kittens posted here on our website. Please note that this site is not updated in real time, and a cat you are interested in may have just been adopted! Please call the office to book an appointment and let the office manager know which cat you are interested in 604-794-7233​.

Adoption Information

Our adoption fees include:

  • spay or neuter,

  • vaccination,

  • deworming treatment

  • and recent flea treatment.

You will also receive an adoption kit with:

  • A small bag of the kibble your new cat/kitten is currently eating to help make the transition to the kibble of your choosing easier (We use Performatrin & GO!, mostly),

  • A few toys chosen special for your new family member,

  • Information on how to make the transition to a new home easiest for your new cat, and everyone/pet in the household.

Applying to Adopt

Applications are available online here.



12 weeks - 12 months

Safe Haven kittens are full of love and curiosity! Bet you can't have just one.

Adoption Fee:




1 year - 7 years old

An adult cat will add loads of snuggles and just the right amount of playtime to your day.

Adoption Fee:


Motley(1-0510) (2).JPG


7+ years old

A senior cat comes with all the experience needed for any level of cat owner.

Adoption Fee:


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