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The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven Society

Is dedicated to finding the perfect home for every cat in their care, helping displaced and homeless cats, helping pets stay in loving homes, and cultivating respect and awareness for the rights and needs of animals. We believe adoption is vital; abandoned cats desperately need loving homes. But we cannot merely "adopt" our way out of the homeless animal problem. We must also reduce the number of animals at risk. There's an old saying that the ultimate goal of animal shelters is to put themselves out of business -- to realize the dream of a day when there are no more homeless cats. If every community reduced the number of animals at risk, we would be much closer to achieving that dream. 

The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven's

Community Programs

Spay and Neuter Program with The Chilliwack Animal Hospital which includes the following:

 - Spay or ​neuter

 - Tattoo

 - Vaccination

 - Deworming and flea treatment

$120 for neuter and $130 for spay

Please call the Haven office at 604-794-7233 to set up an appointment.

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