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Sponsored Cats

  Amy Sue            
16 years old - Torti Tabby Cross (SF) (DSH)
She came to us July 2006; her owner died & left her to us in his will; she has one eye; she is timid & shy at first but will warm up to you once she gets to know you.
11 years old - Gray with white markings - (SF) (DSH)
Comet is very friendly. Her owner brought her to us because she wouldn’t use the litter box.
7 years old - Orange & Cream- (SF) (DSH)
Hercules came to us in December 2011 when her owner went into Hospice Care. She is shy but friendly when she gets to know you.
Born 2004 - Black/Brown with a few white hairs & One curly white whisker - (NM) (DLH)
Jake was brought in December 2, 2006 from the SPCA. He is quite quiet & gentle; he likes lots of attention; he can be a little aggressive towards other cats.
Approximately 10 years old - Tortoiseshell - (SF) (DSH)
Jerry was abandoned at Safe Haven July 14/08. She is a little shy but does like attention. She is friendly & gets along with the other cats. She loves treats.
Older Adult - Grey Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
KC came to us in February 2014 when owner was moving to Kamloops & left her at our front door.
8 ˝ years old - Born 2007 - Tabby [large] - (NM) (DSH)
Marty was brought in March 12, 2013. His owner was unable to take care of him as she was moving into a nursing home. We call him Mr. Receptionist as he helps out in the office. He is also the boss & keeps the other cats in line. He is very curious & can be affectionate. Probably best as the only cat.
  Miss Kitty            
Born 2008 - Black & White - (SF) (DSH)
Miss Kitty was left on our doorstep on April 11/13. She is a lovebug; very sweet, affectionate & curious. You can hold her for awhile but not too long! Gets along fine with the other cats.
16 years old - Tabby with white markings - (SF) (DSH)
Tiara came to us in May 2012 as her owner was unable to provide medical care; she is friendly but quiet.
16 years old - Orange Tabby - (NM) (DSH)
Ziggy was left at our front door. His back left leg & 3/4 of his tail had to be amputated. He is friendly but can be grumpy.

9 cats

April 2019
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