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Adoptee Profiles

For more information about adopting our cats, please contact us or read our adoption information. A indicates that a cat is being graciously sponsored!
(M) Male (DSH) Domestic Short Hair
(F) Female (DMH) Domestic Medium Hair
(NM) Neutered Male (DLH) Domestic Long Hair
(SF) Spayed Female

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Born 2014 -Tortoiseshell - (SF) (DMH)
Aggie came in with Poppy on August 19, 2014 at 6 weeks old. She was found on the grounds of Mountain Institution in Agassiz. She is beautiful but still very scared and timid. She needs someone very patient & willing to spend time with her.
Born 2012 - Brown Tabby with White (SF) (DSH)
Alice came to us June 16, 2017 as her owner was moving & unable to take her. She is very friendly & loves attention. She is quite talkative. She must go to a home with no other pets & only older children.
Born 2006 -Grey & Black Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
Amina was brought to us at ten weeks of age (October 1st, 2006). She was found in a hayloft on Reeves Rd. She is very fearful.
  Amy Sue            
Born 2001 -Torti Tabby Cross with White - (SF) (DSH)
Amy Sue came to us July 2006 as her owner died & left her to us in his will. She had an injury that caused an infection in her left eye & the eye couldn't be saved. She is very sweet but also very shy however, she will warm up to you once she gets to know you. She likes to snuggle up with Miller.
Watch her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoDGKIDqdTw
Born 2015 - Black - (NM) (DSH)
Andy came to us the day he was born Aug 19, 2015. He was born to a stray at a former volunteer's house. He is shy but sweet. He will be a very good addition to a family who can give him the time & patience to get used to his surroundings.
Born 2005 - Grey and Orange Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
Angie Came to us originally Oct. 11, 2005 at 3 months old. She was adopted shortly after by a volunteers son. In Summer 2016, he could no longer keep her so his Mom took her. The mom had some challenges & returned Angie to us. Angie has been terrific & loves being brushed & patted & purrs loudly. She is calm, sweet, friendly & very mellow. She gets along well with other cats.
Born 2008 - Black & White - (SF) (DSH)
BG was brought to us October 2, 2012 because her owners couldn't afford vet fees. When she first arrived, it was discovered that she had large kidney stones that had to be removed. Since then she hasn't had any medical issues. She's a very friendly girl, loves attention & gets along well with other cats.
Born 2001 -Black - (NM) (DMH)
Bentley was found by our gate on October 29, 2013. He is very timid and cautious. He gets along with the other cats in his unit.
Born June 2005 - Black - (SF) (DSH)
Blackie was brought to us Feb. 11, 2006 at 1 year old when her owner died. She is a wonderful girl that loves to be petted & brushed; she has a wonderful purr; she can also be lots of fun & does enjoy playtime; very shy but will come out when you talk to her.
7 yrs. old - Tortie with White - (SF) (DSH)
Blossom was brought to us June 26 because her owners were moving and couldn't take her with them. She is beautiful, sweet and very curious. She would probably do best in a quieter home with someone who has time to spend getting to know her.
Approximately 6 years old Black & White (NM) (DSH)
Bobby was trapped March 5, 2016 after many months on our property. He was very difficult to trap. He is quite a friendly boy & will reach out for you to say more pats please. He should be adopted into a quiet home with no children. Best if he is the only cat.
Born between 2007-2008 - Black - (NM) (DSH)
Boo was brought to our door November 30, 2014 because his owner went into a hospice. He is friendly, outgoing & likes lots of attention. Boo can be a dominant with other cats so he might be best in a one cat family.
Born 2002 - Grey & White Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
Bootsie came to us with Pooster January 15, 2018 as the owner had passed away. Bootsie loves attention & will call for you to come & pat her. She also loves tummy rubs. She is a sweet, sweet girl who loves to purr. We believe that she is deaf.
Born 2013 -Black - (NM) (DSH)
Bruno came to us on August 12, 2013 as a stray. He is calm and cautious, but friendly although he likes to retreat to his cat condo sometimes with his buddies Bentley & Fall.
Born 2003 - Calico (SF) (DSH)
Cali is a tiny girl who was brought to us Dec. 22, 2017 by her owner who had to move to assisted living. She is quiet & calm. It takes her a little time to warm up but once she does she is a 'purr' machine. She would be an awesome cuddle cat for an older person.
Sponsored! Born 2010 - Black & White - (SF) (DSH)
Cally was found on our doorstep July 27, 2012 at approximately 1.5 years old. She is friendly & calm and she likes to be brushed. She is one of our #SpecialNeeds cats as she has epilepsy and takes pills twice a day.
Sponsored! Born 2007 - Calico - (SF) (DSH)
Cherry arrived on June 10, 2017. She is a wonderful girl who loves attention & loves to eat! She needs someone who is home alot. Her previous owner gave her up because Cherry was very upset with the long hours she worked. Cherry would be fine with both kids & other pets & would make a wonderful companion to an older person who would like a buddy!
Born 2005 Approx. - Grey and White - (SF) (DSH)
Comet came to us in January 2007 at 20 months of age. She is quite a shy & quiet cat when there are lots of people around but when it’s quiet, she likes to come out & really likes attention. She is friendly & definitely likes being patted AND enjoys giving kisses. She gets along with the other cats.
Sponsored! Born 2002 - Black - (NM) (DLH)
Cricket was abandoned here in Dec. 2004. He is large & very fluffy so requires regular grooming. Friendly, may be held & loves to have his tummy rubbed. He is calm, cuddly & purrs constantly; laid back fellow who gets along well with other cats. He is diabetic & on insulin.
Born 2007 - Black and White - (SF) (DSH)
Dash was left on our doorstep in 2009 at 2 yrs. old. She has distinctive facial markings. She can be very feisty but also sweet. She is friendly but keeps to herself. She is fine with the other cats in her unit.
Adult - Tortoiseshell (SF) (DSH)
DeeDee came to us February 2015 as her owner had died. She is a very friendly cat but will let you know when she’s had enough attention. She gets along with other cats. She is a calm quiet cat who tends to be a bit shy to start with.
Sponsored! Born 2006 - Grey & White Tabby - (SF) (DMH)
Dipsey came to us at 7 weeks old on June 19, 2006 as a stray found on Young Road. She is very timid & fearful. She will run and hide from the volunteers. She is the most comfortable hiding in her cat house away from people.
Born 2017 [19 weeks old as of Dec./1] - Black & White - (SF) (DMH)
Ellie came to us August 13 at 4 weeks of age. She was found on a farm in Rosedale all skin & bones with a dead sibling. The people who found her weren't sure if she would make it but she is thriving now. She is friendly but cautious.
Born 2006 - Tuxedo - (NM) (DSH)
Fred was brought in on July 5th, 2006 at 7 weeks old. He was rescued from a hayloft. He is inquisitive, talkative & friendly. He can get overexcited & will let you know when he has had too many pats. He gets along well with other cats.
  Fred II            
Born 2007 - White/Grey/Black Tabby - (NM) (DSH)
Fred was brought in on July 7th, 2007 at 11 weeks old. He has Grey/Black markings on side of his nose. He is very shy & very sweet; reserved & wary but once he gets to know you, he will rub against your head if you're sitting on the couch. He gets along very well with all cats.
Born March 2008 - Tuxedo - (NM) (DSH)
Groucho is a sibling to ZeeZee & was brought to us on May 23/08. They were both strays from the downtown streets. He is very shy & reserved. He will cuddle if you spend time with him. He gets along fine with other cats.
Sponsored! Born March 2009 - Orange & White Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
Hercules came to us in July of 2009 at 8 weeks. She was adopted out in October of 2009 but was returned to us on December 9, 2011 because her owner was sick (terminal). She is a shy quiet girl who, once she gets to know you, will give love and snuggles. She was recently adopted and returned as it wasn't the right fit.
Sponsored! Approximately 10 years old - Tortoiseshell - (SF) (DSH)
Jerry was abandoned at Safe Haven July 14/08. She is a little shy but does like attention. She is friendly & gets along with the other cats. She loves treats.
Sponsored! 2-3 years old - Black - (SF) (DSH)
Jessie was left here Sept. 26, 2017. We don't know her exact age but she is probably 2-3 years old. She is very aggressive towards people & other cats. She will need a very patient loving person to care for her & regain her trust & needs a home where she is the only cat.
Born 2001 - Grey - (SF) (DSH)
Jezebel came to us on June 28, 2012 at 11 years old because her owner died. She had her tail amputated in 2017 due to an injury. She is a sweet little girl who gets vocal when it is dinner time.
Born 2009 approx.- Brown Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
She came to us on February 14, 2014. It was thought she was 5 years old then but unsure of exact year born. Her owners moved to Kamloops & she was brought in by a neighbour we think. She is a sweet cat who loves pets & her wet food.
Born April 2006 - Black - (SF) (DSH)
Kiko was trapped & brought to us in Oct. 2006 as a kitten. She is a lovely girl who is very shy & reserved but we feel the right person could change her life. She just needs time spent one-on-one. You can tell that she wants pats but she is still waiting for that one person she feels she can trust. She gets along well with all the cats in her unit.
Born March 2005 - Black - (NM) (DSH)
Kim was found on Baker Trail & brought to the Save Haven in June 2005 at 2 ˝ months old. Kim is quite shy & quiet but once he trusts you, he will warm up & looks forward to pats. Gets along very well with all the cats.
Approximately 10 years old - Black (NM) (DMH)
Kipp was brought in August 2018 as a stray from Sydney Street. He has kidney issues so is taking medication every day. He is a very loving cat towards people but prefers the other cats to keep their space.
Approximately 6 years old - Black - (SF) (DSH)
Kitty was brought in on Sept. 30, 2011. She is a very sweet girl although a little on the shy side. Once she trusts you, she warms up & loves her cuddles. She would do well with other cats in a family.
Born 2013 - Black - (NM)(DSH)
Liam was brought to us Sept.2013 when found abandoned on Chilliwack Lake Rd. One of our shyest/quietest cats; stays inside his condo & comes out when no one is around. He has been observed rubbing up against the other cats; needs someone very patient & willing to spend time with him.
Born 2006 - Black with white spot on chest and gold eyes - (SF) (DSH)
Libra was abandoned by the Vedder River & came to us in July 2008. She is friendly, cuddly & playful. She loves to be patted once she trusts you. Needs to go to a quiet home. Gets along great with the other cats.
3 yrs. old - Calico x Siamese - (SF) (DSH)
Luna Belle came to us on June 29th, 2018 because owner had to move and could not find a place that allowed pets. She is a super sweet girl, affectionate and easy going. She would do great in any type of household.
Born 2000 - Tabby with White - (SF) (DSH)
Melissa was brought to us Sept. 20, 2014. Her owner passed away & she was well fed by neighbors outside for one year. She has a beautiful expressive face. Her manner has improved so much after she was moved away from the cats in the house. She does like attention, likes her pats & will even allow herself to be brushed but can be feisty around other cats.
Born 2010 - Black with white chest and paws - (NM) (DSH)
Miller was left on our doorstep in August 2010 at about 4 months old. He was very fearful back then but after all his time here has made great progress. He is still shy but warms up when he knows you. He gets along with the other cats & likes to snuggle up with AmySue. He would need to be adopted into a quiet home.
Born 2008 - Grey - (SF) (DSH)
Momma came to us Nov.2012 at 4 years old; her owner was moving & couldn’t take her so she was left at our front door with a note. She is quite shy but when she gets to know you is very affectionate & loves a good head butt! She would do well in household with adults only where she is the only cat.
  Momma Kitty            
Sponsored! Born 2015 or 2016 - Grey Calico - (SF) (DSH)
Momma Kitty arrived Jan. 14/18. She was rescued from the roundabout on Evans road very pregnant. (We believe she belonged to someone from the homeless camp). The rescuer kept her while she had her babies. The kittens are being fostered (not through the Haven) & Momma Kitty was spayed & is healthy so she was brought to us to find her a new family. She is very, very scared right now. She doesn't like people to touch her or get near her. We are hoping the other cats will help her warm up.
Born May 2012 - Black and White - (SF) (DSH)
Motley came to us shortly after she was born. She has a very distinctive marking on her nose. She is shy at first but can be very affectionate when she gets to know you; gets along well with other cats.
5 years old - Grey & White Tabby - (NM) (DSH)
Noah came to us as a stray from Sardis Park on July 13/18. He looks like he has been on his own for awhile. He is quiet & calm as well as a bit shy. He shows no signs of aggression at all. He is a beautiful boy who will make someone a very loving pet.
Born 2007 - Black - (SF) (DSH)
Penny came to us in September 2017 after being found by a concerned citizen. She was taken to the vet for treatment & then brought to us. She is friendly & cuddly once she gets to know you. She seems quite calm & quiet when you enter her unit. She would do best as the only cat in the household.
Born 2014 -Tortoiseshell - (SF) (DMH)
Poppy came in with Aggie on August 19, 2014. She was found on the grounds of Mountain Institution in Agassiz. She is beautiful but still very shy, scared and timid.
Sponsored! Born 2007 - Grey & White Tabby - (NM) (DSH)
Popsicle came to us on August 22, 2007 at 6 months of age as a stray found at Lickman Green. He is a very loving boy once you take the time to get to know him. He loves pats & being brushed & would love to be in a quiet home where he gets lots of attention.
Adult - Black & White - (NM) (DMH)
Pudding came to us on May 22nd, 2018 as a stray from Tilston Street. He is quiet & still a bit shy around a lot of people. He is still a bit afraid around the other cats as well.
Born 2012 - Black and White - (NM) (DSH)
Ranger was brought to us January 22, 2014. The owners moved & left him behind. He is very vocal & friendly; likes his pats but will let you know when he has had enough. He would do well in a home with no other cats.
Approximately 3 years old - Calico - (SF) (DMH)
Ruby was brought to us April 2018 as a stray [found on Evans Road on Feb. 18] who had 5 kittens in February. She was fostered until the kittens were 6 weeeks old & then they were brought here. All her kittens have been adopted so now it's her turn. She is a very sweet girl who is still very shy with people but she loves to play & will play well by herself or with the other cats.
Sponsored! Born 2011 - White with grey patches - (NM) (DSH)
Sam broke his leg & the family couldn't afford a $1,000 vet bill so he was surrendered to us October 2012. Sam is a special needs cat with Epilepsy that requires medication twice a day. He is a very loving & playful cat; low key; friendly; does well with other cats.
Born 2001 - Dark Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
Sarah came to us in March 2013; very warm & friendly but very shy; talks to you; loves attention; gets along with other cats; needs to go to a quiet home where she is the only cat.
Sponsored! 14 years old Black with Grey undertones (NM) (DMH)
Shadow was in a scuffle with a raccoon about 3 years ago & is partly blind in one eye. Very friendly but would do best as the only cat. His owner was evicted from his home & had no where to go that would allow a cat. He managed to find homes for his younger two but couldn't find a home for Shadow in his advanced age.
Approximately 3.5 years old - Dilute Orange & White Tabby (SF) (DSH)
Shannon was brought to us August 2018 with her kitten Optimus who had a crushed pelvis (he has since passed away from his birth defect). Owner could not afford the medical care. She is a very sweet, loving girl, who absolutely loves attention.
Born 2013 -Black - (SF) (DMH)
Shasta came to us on October 29, 2013 at 10-12 weeks old. She was hungry and flea infested. She's still scared & timid and may need a little more socialization but remember that shy cats can make wonderful companions once you form a bond!
Born 2004 - Black & White - (SF) (DSH)
Sneakers came to us May 22, 2011 at 7 years old because her owners were no longer able to care for her. She is a fairly sweet girl who likes the occasional snuggle. She is quite independent so the pets & snuggles have to be on her terms.
Adult - Black - (NM) (DSH)
Sparky came to us on December 18, 2016. He was found outside a volunteers house. The owner moved away & left him. Sparky likes to keep to himself a lot. He enjoys pets but won't come seeking them out. He is timid & very fearful so would do well in a quiet home as the only cat.
Born 2008 - Grey Tabby - (SF) (DSH)
Specks came to us in February 2010 when her owner passed away. She is extremely friendly, loving & talkative. She loves attention & will follow you around for it; she is a great cuddler. She gets along well with other cats.
10 years old Black with a few white hairs on lower tummy (SF) (DSH)
Stella was brought in Oct. 3, 2006 at 10 weeks old after being trapped as a kitten. She was adopted out but brought back in 2016 due to unfortunate circumstances. She is shy & quiet but gets along with the other cats. Looks forward to the volunteers coming in to her unit.
Sponsored! Born 2006 - Black & White - (SF) (DMH)
Sunshine came to us June 20, 2006 as a stray on Young Road. She is shy but very very sweet. She is a gentle cat who enjoys pats & love. She gets along well with other cats but still likes a little time to herself.
Born 2005 - Grey & Black Tabby - (NM) (DSH)
He was brought to us by a farmer as an abandoned cat at 3 months of age on January 26, 2006. He is a bit skittish but will warm up if you play with him. He loves playing with toys. He is calm but timid.
Born 2005 - Grey Spotted Tabby with a White chest and 4 White paws - (NM) (DSH)
Timmy was brought to us with his brother Tommy at 6 months of age (April 14, 2006). They were strays that were found at Lindwood Manor. He is quite fearful & quiet.
Born 2005 -Black and Grey Marble Tabby with a White chest - (NM) (DSH)
Tommy was brought to us with his brother Timmy at 6 months of age (April 14, 2006). They were strays that were found at Lindwood Manor. He is quite fearful & quiet.
  Zee Zee            
Born March 2008 - Calico - (SF)(DSH)
Zee Zee is a sibling to Groucho who was brought to us on May 23/08. They were both strays from the downtown streets. She is shy but very friendly; loves attention & loves to be patted & brushed; gets along well with other cats.

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